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The Enigma – Destiny or God

The Enigma – Destiny or God? I am a God fearing person, doing worship (Pooja) everyday in the morning, for the last how many years, don’t remember.

However, I also very strongly believe in the constraints of destiny and abide by the protocol and the happenings. To the extent that I must have consulted myriad of soothsayers, fortune tellers, kundali readers, palmists etc etc, umpteen times, whenever there was a dip in my expectations regarding the events in my life.

Now at the brighter and relaxed age of 60, I ponder and try to envision the greatest enigma of my life. I prayed to God, for my happiness and health and of course wealth, for issues related to my career etc.

The biggest dilemma is… if my destiny was etched in the lines of my palm, in the position of the stars at the time when my umbilical cord was detached from my mother, why was I spending time at the doorstep of temples and in the audience of Deities. Was it just an internal happiness or self assurance regarding my unknown through my prayers and chants? The Enigma – Is it Destiny or God?

Shouldn’t I have had just sit in the cosy chair and let the things and my future unfold each day, of course putting my all efforts and labour and toil. If the destiny is so strong then …kay sera sera… whatever will be, will be.

Why did I do mixing of two things?

What actually survived me these odd 60 years, in the best possible way? Were they the blessings for my prayers OR the fixed traits of my destiny?

Now, here hits the biggest enigma. I know there may be statements saying that prayers can change your destiny. Well I too wish to believe. My heart says believe but my mind, seeks a logic.

Again The Enigma – Is it Destiny or God?

If destiny can be changed, then please change the meaning of this word in the Oxford…

And if only prayers do the needful, then why are the ‘real’ preachers of God, not millionaire and biggest industrialists and professionals.

The crux is… If you believe in God, stop believing in the ids of destiny. But… if you believe in destiny then stop doing the false projections of your religious Showbiz.

Both things don’t go together.

Don’t mix and get confused and keep confusing the naive minds of young generations.

Just keep doing your best, in all the frames of your capabilities and means and see the beautiful shades of life do salsa, in front of you, with the passage of each day.

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