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We have goals and aspirations in life. They are reflected upon by a concept, a triangle of what we ‘Deserve’, ‘Desire’, and what ‘Destiny has in store for us. These elements are interrelated based on our perceptions and beliefs. However, to achieve our desires and shape an amicable destiny, we must understand whether we genuinely deserve them – for that, we need to work hard and make appropriate choices to align with our goals.


Humans are ambitious; they want to create boundaries in their lives.

A DESIRE is a strong sense of wanting something or something to happen. The emotion of desire commences when the child begins understanding the world around him and concludes with death. Desire is the mother of invention, discovery, and exploration. America would not have been a part of the known world had Columbus not aspired to find new lands. Desire ignites motivation to strive for goals, shape decisions and transform them into concrete actions. Not fulfilling a desire is worse than having one.

Desire, however, has a nasty dimension. It becomes evil not by its existence but by its exorbitance of power, superseding satisfaction and smothering inner peace. Desire is like a fireball, bursting into us, still unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

The essence of creativity loses its sheen when the desire to achieve is taken over by the desire to beat others – ‘the ego of supremacy.’

We are sincere and genuine if we ponder situations and choose the best course of action, even if it goes against our desires – ‘the kernel of compassion and empathy.’

Love is an instinct and is harmless, but the intrusion of unnatural desires in the form of expectations makes it mentally hurtful and emotionally spiteful.


TO DESERVE – is to earn or do something or have or show qualities worthy of it.

It is a reaction to appropriately rewarding or punishing a person.

‘You deserve me – I am with you.’

‘You deserve my wrath – I am leaving you.’  

One’s actions and behaviour determine what he truly deserves in life. A hardworking individual who treats others well and makes ethical choices may be considered to ‘deserve’ positive outcomes.

Everyone deserves love but must toil mentally and emotionally to achieve it. Before stepping off the precipice of your heart, first love yourself the way you are – You are excellent and worthy and deserve your love. Never underestimate yourself – the moment you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you had settled for.

A relationship that needs convincing and sycophancy is short of true love and respect – You deserve someone who chooses to prioritise you because he values you, understands you, and wants you in his life. Not someone who chooses you sometimes and is indecisive about wanting to be with you.

Thriving upon farce and false adulation and buttering is wrong – you should know what’s real and what you deserve. Failing to get what you want is not because you do not deserve it but because you deserve better.

BUDDHA said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


DESTINY is the wizard, the conjurer of hope and the adjudicator of our desires and deserves.

The role of destiny in our lives is ambiguous, complex, and philosophical. Some people believe that certain life events are predetermined and beyond our control. Others may argue that we have the power to shape our lives through appropriate choices and actions. It is not something to be waited for but to be achieved.

Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot Cards, Numerology, etc., are tools to assure or befool weaker hearts into channelling their desires and envisaging what they deserve.

A destiny-ordained person sits on the riverside, hoping the fish will pop out of the stream and sit in his basket. Waiting and watching what destiny has in store is superfluous. Gazing at the Milky Wave for the shifting of planets designed for our lives is a redundant truth. Destiny is determined by the staunchness of our decisions and not our conditioning.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” RALPH WALDO EMERSON.


The TRILOGY of Desire, Deserve and Destiny–


The irony is that people falter at the places of worship with a bundle of DESIRES, praying to carve a DESTINY without evaluating their status, strength, and ability to DESERVE it.

Let your Desires overflow – you let the midnight oil burn, and Destiny will reward you more than you Deserve. Destiny will lead you to the destination you deserve, not to what you desire.

“I Desired true love – vested in my efforts, faith and trust, making myself worthy to Deserve Her – She became my Destiny.”





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  1. Pooja Agarwal says:

    Marvelous is the only word sir…I strongly believe in what you seek is seeking you quote. Though few realise that your desires should be predominant by your deserving self worth. People first want to have then they shall become with out realizing first you you become, having will automatically follow. Regards 🙏👍

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      …. having will automatically follow … very correctly said. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Pooja.

  2. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog Desire, Deserve and Destiny-The triangle is scripted wonderfully.The concept is immensely related to human approach and values. Since childhood, we’re being advised that first deserve and then desire. We may desire something which is beyond our reach. That doesn’t mean that we should stop thinking to achieve goals or bigger goals.. Both words, desire and deserve are in juxtaposition to one another. As without deserving for anything, one may obviously feel reluctant not to desire. Contrary to it, business doyen Shri Dhirubhai Ambani was of the view that think of bigger goals to succeed in life. Though, he started his career as an ordinary employee at a petrol pump, but his sheer efforts and commitment to achieve goals made him to rise phenomenally. Now we know that destiny, more or less, is related to luck also. If your stars are favourable, the path to achieve goals become easier.. Nevertheless, depending simply on luck or stars may not normally lead to success. It’s hard work, that too with sincerity yield favourable results.. Too good Dr Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      I think that no matter what you desire or deserve or depend on your destiny, it is the hard work that pays eventually. Self-evaluation about deserving regulates the desires in the correct format. Role of Destiny is debatable depending on personal attitude and belief.
      Thank you so much for the input. Regards.



    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot, dear. regards

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