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‘DEEKSHA’ (Initiation) VS. ‘SHIKSHA’ (Teaching).WHERE ARE THE GURUS? 


Pull out any Literature or Epic of any religion or cult, you will find mentions of Gurus, Disciples, and Ashrams. Time has snatched the spirit of selfless education and now we witness Tutors, Students, Tuition, Coaching, and Tutorials. Is education progressing or are we missing the essence and soul of teaching?

The present education system is swarming with educators who have a family to take care of, daily chores to meet, and soaring inflation to fight. Imparting education has become a profession, a means to earn money – it is no longer a passion or religion.

So are the students. They are no longer disciples or hardcore ‘Shishyas’ – who touched the Guru’s feet with reverence and soulful respect. Now they are a variety of robots, eyeing grades and swallowing an unsatiable syllabus.

As a child, I lived in the vicinity of Gurukul Kangri, an institution where education was imparted following strict rules, regulations, and divinity. The students were known as ‘Brahmacharis’ – bald with a characteristic Choti style. They wore khaki knickers and white Banyans. Every morning at five there used to be a mega Havana. I am not sure what kind of education was imparted to the shishyas. But sure enough, it was not the education that I was getting in an English medium school. There was an aura of veneration and positive vibes that I could feel on that holy premise.

I do agree that since the ancient times of ‘Ashrams’ and ‘Madarsa’, life has moved ahead into the rocket age and glorious scientific frontiers. With time when people have changed, relationships and love have changed, and so have the morals and standards of the Education system and policies. Thanks to the neo-education system, especially the online classes (cheers to covid period) that have reduced the sanctity of the Teacher-Student relationship to a mere click on the web and internet.

The ‘Shiksha’ stays and the ‘Diksha’ is lost in oblivion.

The irony is that the modern education system can take a person to Mars, dive into the Pacific’s abyss and make a robot brush your teeth, BUT CAN’T provide the regal and proudest relationship based on the Guru’s unconditional love for his disciple. The attainment of true nature through the spiritual endeavor of the disciple toward his Guru is lost.

A tutor in a one-hour lecture can’t instill in the student’s mind — self-realization, human values, and experiential knowledge. A Guru as an embodiment of selflessness nurtures his disciples by guiding and enhancing their spirituality leading them to eventual salvation.

Obedience and Reverence are the mantras of humility. It shouldn’t be enforced by compulsion but it has to come from within. In present times, Arrogance and Egotism have taken the front seat in the students’ minds who value education as a commodity for which they have to pay hefty sums to tutors or institutions. The sanctity of education is lost.

Obedience to the Guru is not oppression or emotional coercion. The Guru aims at the salvation of his disciples. He is peaceful within himself and anger never overtakes him.

Swami Vivekananda took education (Shiksha) at the General Assembly Institution and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree. He took Diksha from Swami Paramahansa, who bestowed enlightenment upon Vivekananda by merely touching him with his finger. Diksha gave Vivekananda the path of bliss and the light of spirituality. The mind of the Guru and Disciple became one thus bringing forth the Initiation.

Shiksha is taken – Diksha is given.

Students who successfully form a love bond with their teacher do not stay for tenure or a course. They revere their teachers for life. There is no compliance but a deep-seated connection. The students can create their image despite growing up in the teacher’s shadow.

“The Average Teacher — EXPRESSES.

The Good Teacher– CLARIFIES

The Superior Teacher — ESTABLISHES.

The Great Teacher – STIMULATES”

But the GURU teaches from the heart, not from the book. He has the supremacy to transform and instigate the true philosophy of life, love, and relationships in the hearts of his disciples.

Then there are a few lucky ones who find a GURU and a TEACHER in the same person. I found both in my Mother. She was the most disciplined and strict Teacher at school and she was the perfect Guru at home. My being a doctor is the result of my mother’s teachings and my being a compassionate human being and a power bank of love at heart is the result of the Diksha, I got from her.

All said and done – the best Guru and the Teacher are one’s soul, inner voice, self-esteem, gut feeling, and consciousness. The day we will start responding to this inner wealth, we will achieve salvation and true enlightenment. Rocket science will titillate our minds, while Love and compassion will enrich our hearts and soul.















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  1. Sanjay Goyal says:

    Siksha can be taken by many at the same time, but diksha was imparted to one at a time…..Diksha was supposed to make a person “Daksha” in the field

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      yes dear, very correctly said.

  2. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    Deeksha vs Shiksha…Where are the Gurus..The blog in true sense defines the erosion of education standard in today’s perspective..In ancient times, innumerable anecdotes are available in our mythological scriptures, wherein desciples have resorted to offer even their lives to the Gurus to get solace from the debt of deeksha.Eklavya offered his right hand thumb to his unsolicited Guru, Guru Dronacharya for learning skills of archery.Though he became a world class archer by bowing just infront of a statue of his Guru Dronacharya but had never sought training in person from his Guru.No doubt, imparting education to students, nowadays, has become a mere profession.Teacher comes to the class and delivers lecture for 45 mins or an hour and leaves.Very few teachers are there who would like to solve problems of students before proceeding further.Such teachers leave an imprint on the minds of students who remember them life long.. My Biology teacher Shri Ratan Singh Chauhan was one of them.The biology he taught me is crystal clear even now.In earlier times teachers used to command respect and students would reciprocate out of love and respect and not out of compulsion.Respect for teachers is an inherent trait which a student imbibes during learning process.A student can not be forced to pay respect to his Guru…In present scenario, teachers commanding respect are slowly dwindling. Students are also turning selfish simultaneously..The moment their education is over, they move on a different path.
    Too good Dr Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      very well written Ashok Bhai. We have seen the affection and love we got from our teachers while at BHE Academy Haridwar. There was a personal touch to education. But sure enough, things have deteriorated a lot. I agree that some teachers still impart culture and etiquettes while teaching. But the things have nose-dived.
      I do remember Ratan Singh Chauhan sir from Gurukul Kangri. I was his student too in 1974-75.
      Thanks a lot for your feedback.


    Excellent article.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot dear.

  4. DEEPSHALINI says:

    Just to advise. From the blur picture above, Deeksha is not given by left hand on head.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks for your comments. Regards

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