COMFORT ZONE (My HAVEN) – Break it, or endure it? 


A place of familiarity or solace away from anxiety, awkwardness, or frustration is a Comfort Zone.

It is a predictable and safe zone, away from intimidation and qualms and unpleasant shocks and surprises. It applies to anything that encourages tranquillity, well-being or gratification along with physical respite.

On a chilly winter night, enveloped snuggly by the thick quilt and lying carefree on a spine-friendly mattress with George Winston piano melodies soothingly playing on the blue tooth speaker, is my comfort zone. I know that this can easily be jeopardized by an emergency call from my hospital any time during my blue moods.

The times when I am far outside my element, I experience myself the most. I am in a zone of inner speech and melody and hate to be trespassed into by anything exciting or uninteresting.

Comfort zones are not made from walls, furniture, luxuries or people around. It is a state of mind where vulnerability and apprehension vanished. You feel in total control of the situation and yourself.

Don’t we all love to live in our comfort zones? Sure, we do.

Don’t we look for a comfort zone in relationships as well? – People who give us unconditional assurance, are non-judgemental about our actions and make us feel loved and cared for, do indeed contribute to our comfort zone. This is how friendships survive, and relationships get secured.

We meet someone for the first time, and we realize that the person has all the traits and necessities needed to be included in our zone of comfort. We grab the opportunity and try to nurture the bond of mutual affection and empathy. It has a lot to do with the intellect and a gut feeling for acceptance or denial.

Can we survive and make a living by drooling in our comfort zone? No. we can’t.

“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.” ALBERT EINSTEIN.


Life is not to live in your comfort zone. We need to work and slog and avoid taking life for granted. Our comfort zones should be small rendezvous areas where we can hit at intervals and chill out for some time and then get back on the job.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.”

People who prefer to live in their comfort zones lose a lot in life. It is tough to break the glass ceiling at the beginning – the process may be arduous, chaotic and full of uncertainties, but the end is incredible and overwhelming. People get better by accepting the challenges, not sitting at the riverside with a fishline for an unexpected catch.

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.WINSTON CHURCHILL.

Taking things for granted is a curse. Don’t be a daydreamer like the famous “Sheikh Chilli”, expecting the apple to fall directly on your mouth. A Comfort zone may be a dangerous place as it prevents you from improving and holds you from achieving whatever you envisage and are capable of. The feeling of cosiness is addictive and unrealistic. It overpowers a man and makes him a slave to the living. Such people suffer, and so do their dependent families.


Fearing the inevitable is good as it prepares you to walk out of your cosy den and face imminent peril with vigour and fervour. Have you ever experienced the anxiety of rushing out of bed during earthquake tremors in the middle of the night? Fear makes us agile to face and appropriately tackle situations.

A similar fear is vital when dealing with relationships that matter to us emotionally. We become complacent and stop making efforts to heal and nurture the alliance. We tend to fall into the morbid premise of our comfort zone and start taking things for granted.

“Arre Wo Toh Aisa Karega Hee” – This is undoubtedly the beginning of the end. Step out and do that one thing that you haven’t done for ages. You won’t regret it for sure.

The vital Zones–

Emerging out of your comfort zone, you enter the Fear zone. Fear makes you work harder and learn more for sustenance—the Learning zone. Growth comes after learning and labour – the Growth zone. Growth is followed by happiness and completeness – the Happy Zone. These four zones are the essence of life, love and relationships.


“If you want something you’ve never had—you have to do something you’ve never done.”






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  1. Hi Doctor
    your description of comfort zone is perfect. “State of mind of no anxiety and full familiarity”.
    Very motivational write up, A MUST READ. The corrupt minds are not lazy they constantly strive to fill up their greed. Isn’t it surprising that Krishn had to motivate Arjun to fight war Duryodhan didn’t need it. Even today the good ones who think largely of others well being needs to get out of their comfort zones, it is possible only if they fall out of love with their egos of being good and JUST DO IT.
    I enjoy reading all your write ups, your thread bare analysis of such common place situations .Kudos to you.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      oh dear, thank you so much for the lovely comments and appreciation. you are right, we do need to step out of our comfort zone to set right few misgivings if we can. The ego is the biggest killer and refrains and restricts from doing things. Thanks once again for reading and understanding me…. regards.

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