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‘BRASS’ screams, “LOOK, I AM GOLD” – ‘GOLD’ smiles and prefers SILENCE.

Brass tries to copy Gold’s sheen and shouts at the world, “I am gold.” This false belief system does not work — people are no fools. They understand the difference. Gold knows its worth and quietly enjoys supremacy without exaggerating its value. Human life is all about the emotional jugglery and mental complexities of Brass and Gold. Here we start combatting two ego forms – the Superior and Inferior complexes.

There is a constant, ongoing tussle between the two most significant mental attributes – the Superiority complex and the Inferiority complex. We think these are two different entities – but factually, they are intertwined notions arising from each other.

How often do we meet people with a constant habit of carping and criticizing situations and those around them? They try to prove themselves to be the Prima Donna of all things. They are bent on showing the world their knowledge, mental prowess, and emotional understanding. In the process, they forget that they are just Brass fragments and are committing the sin of projecting themselves as Gold.

People with a Superiority complex are socially unacceptable — willfully and respectfully. A boss begets love from his subordinates by communicating, leaving aside his stinking superiority.

Inferiority complex plagues people who live with frustrated and exasperated egos. They overestimate their feebleness and, in the process, underestimate their strength and emotional forte. Inferiority is a killer which nurtures other emotional menaces like jealousy, depression, suicidal tendencies, and constant irritability.

Inferiority breeds two types of personalities

*One who succumbs to inferiority and surrenders to a meaningless and disappointing life. Everything seems dark and murky. The person sulks or may hang by the noose as a chicken-hearted breed.

*One who effectively pulls off the shackles and tries to display a false superiority by raving about his life and achievements – like the insignificant Brass.

A person who spends too much time making himself look attractive and then indulges in self-admiration OR carries a facade of arrogance and conceitedness is grossly suffering from an Inferiority complex, the ‘Strutting and Preening’ Syndrome.

A neglected and attention-seeking child becomes boisterous and physically rowdy, creating havoc at home and school. He suffers from a different kind of Inferiority complex. He exhibits dominance and superiority by hurting his peer group and using abusive language. Some students sit in the back in class or lecture theatres – the backbenchers. Their sole interest is to draw attention by creating a stir in one way or the other.

SARCASM breeds superiority. A sarcastic person is a social menace and thrives on his pseudo accomplishments. In times of dwindling confidence, he takes heed of ‘show-off’ and loud talking as a weapon to conceal his inferiority complex.

Those who impart importance on worthy material are small inside. No matter how hard one tries to give shine to Brass – oxidation eventually turns it green. Great and Prodigious People are Gold from the inside and do not need to be represented in terms of material.

ALFRED ADLER penned the term Superiority Complex calling it an incurable disease and illusion. MAHATMA GANDHI called it a sin against God and man.

Traits of the Superiority Complex –

* A solid manipulation to make the other person feel guilty and bad about themselves.

*Lack of compassion. But to show off and gather societal adulation, the person will always come before the other person comes – proving his superiority.

*Treat people as nerds and stupid of the first order. An evident condescending approach.

*Wanting to control the situation and people. Wanting to be seated on the front sofa at any social event and creating a scene if not done so.

*Overestimation of strengths and underestimation of weaknesses.

FEAR is a common factor that commences in either of the complexes. A balanced person is devoid of fear as he can decipher his strengths and weaknesses—he knows himself better than anyone else. His focus is maximising his mental and emotional fortitude.

“Nobody is superior or inferior – nobody is equal either. People are simply unique and incomparable. YOU ARE YOU, and I AM I.” OSHO.

My take on this debate is – that I would prefer to nurture an Inferiority complex and appreciate my weaknesses because there is a scope for being pleasantly surprised by discovering my positivity. Why should I have a superiority complex and be awakened and pinched by someone in the wrong place?

If I am Brass, let me be it – I will try to become Gold by effort and attitude. In no condition will I falsely rub myself to adorn the sheen of Gold.


Quote of the day – “True nobility is in being superior to the person you once were.”









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  1. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog ” Brass screams-Look I am gold.. Gold smiles and prefers silence ” has been nicely articulated to signify the difference between a brass and gold. A brass is an alloy, remotely, cannot be compared to gold. Nevertheless, a brass should never be undermined. Now coming to its literary significance, it’s superiority complex that exists in some people. Basically, they are a mediocre, both as per mental aptitude or living standard are concerned. Yet they tend to pose as if they are not only smart but also intelligent. Never dare to underestimate them…. In fact, they are laden with false notion of superiority, both in terms of knowledge as well as standard of living are concerned. In fact, they are precisely akin to jack of all trades and master of none. Their weakness is camaphlaged with an iota of superiority complex.It’s seen that such persons have to cut a sorry figure before intellectuals and well offs. It takes time to make them understand that superiority is not going to help them in future… Sooner or later one has to realise the ground reality.
    As rightly said, both superiority complex and inferiority complex are intertwined notions from each other. Inferiority complex
    may lead to superiority complex at later stage. Inferiority complex is a state of depression and seclusion.. One feels so much neglected and lacks confidence if one fails not only on bigger issues but also on petty issues. They develop a tendency to surrender before taking up an issue. This state of affairs, if prolonged for a long time may prove detrimental to one’s health.. One may slowly fcreep into mental depression and many more complications on adverse of hostile situations.. This has to be checked and arrested, the sooner the best. Too good Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      I am spellbound by your enormous knowledge and the perfect expression you give. Your comments are a blog in itself. I appreciate everything you said. You are right about the inferiority complex. It has to be checked and cured at the right time. We see several mishaps because of this menace.
      We also undergo bouts of both complexes in our lives. The catch is not to let them affect our persona and behaviour.


    Quite well said. A great description of various personalities we do encounter in day to day life.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Yes, dear, we experience both complexes every day.
      Thanks for the feedback… regards

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