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BE A ‘FLY’ ON THE WALL – Observe everything, yet stay invisible.

A common house fly is bestowed by compound eyes that comprise thousands of lenses (Mosaic vision), unlike humans’ single lenses. The fly can recognise even the slightest movement in the field. It can visualise the world by sitting in the roof corner, yet be invisible to everyone else.

Do you want to be a fly? — Be observant of the world, yet unknown and unnoticed.

 People these days install Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) in offices, homes, and other sensitive areas to observe any happenings or mishaps. Aren’t we emulating a FLY with multiple visions simultaneously? Who knows, tomorrow you will be caught red-handed by a hidden CCTV camera while pissing on the roadside– and the short video will go viral on social media.

The question is, why would anyone want to be a fly on the wall? Indeed, we are watching the world’s activities yet keep our self-identity concealed and veiled. By hiding ourselves, are we spying on people? Maybe, yes!

There are two motives behind wishing for a Fly’s vision –

* Being Curious – a positive notion.

* Being Nosey – a harmful and messy concept.

CURIOSITY is the mother of progress and intellectual growth. The more curious a child is, the more successful he becomes.  Hawk’s eyes and a dog’s ears form the best combo.

If a person wants to move forward with a progressive mind and evolve to alter his behaviour to achieve self-awareness, then he should develop the skill of keen observation. All this comes with patience – a fly’s patience.

As we grow, we tend to lose patience and become less sharp-eyed. Life serves abundantly on our plates – and we waste time merely tasting the stuff rather than delving into how it is cooked. See a child how keenly he looks at the falling rain or the inferno’s flames, or the blinking stars in the night sky. He may ask questions out of curiosity, but mostly he is a silent observer – well, I have been like that.

Curiosity is like the polar star that navigates the human mind through its passions. Newton’s curious mind noticed the apple falling from the tree and discovered Gravity. Millions of people saw this earlier, but no one came up with the idea. The docile fly’s mosaic vision is the key to inventions, discoveries, and creativity. Intellectual inquisitiveness separates the genuinely alive person from the ordinary one who merely leads a mundane life.

Remember, every person — plumber, sweeper or even your domestic help knows something you do not.


BEING NOSEY is another aspect of observation that beholds negativity and stress. This is a trait that does not allow the mind to rest. A nosey person wastes his intellect and time in futility, trying to know about anything and everything happening around him. He is a clown who minds the business of others rather than following his own.

It commences with a habit but culminates in a nasty trait.

My early teens were devastated by my habit of sneaking into the bedroom of a newly married neighbour. I was on the verge of losing focus from my studies because my curious mind and mosaic vision was utilising energy in a stupid indecent scenario. One day I was caught sneaking by Mr X and had to face the music. “Excuse me – here is your nose. I found it in my business.” Mr X rebuked me sarcastically. The fact remains – If something does not involve you, it should not concern you.

Whether out of curiosity or being nosey, we want to be like a fly, placed comfortably on the wall, hidden from the world around us.

Be keenly aware of everything around you and lead a happy life without becoming judgmental.


I love this quote –

“One shouldn’t be too inquisitive in life,

 either about God’s secrets or one’s wife.”











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  1. Shashi Gupta says:

    Very thoughtful and intellectual observations.
    Keep writing.💕 your articles.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot, shashijee, for the adoration. Regards.

  2. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog’ Be a fly on the wall-Observe everything, yet stay invisible’ has been scripted nicely. As a fly has a compound eye, it can an ability to visualise and observe everything happening around. We too were anxious to know about everything happening around us during our school days, whether it was in the school or at home.. We used to be observant on noticing each and every action of our teachers. They’re even named by their nickname. We know that no logic was behind their nicknaming. It was just an observation. On the flip side, we used to get noisy and louder if someone would catch us on wrong foot. Then just to pacify, we would try to give hundred and one no of excuses. If anyone is anxious to know nuances of others, he or she should be tolerable to listen to his or her flaws smilingly. We know, no one impeccable and may have something or the other that may not be liked by one and all. One should accept his or her short coming with folded hands.In profession also we tend to know other’s short coming so that we can corner him at an apt is our nature to pay in the same coin. But I don’t think it is fair. Once my boss told me that no matter, one may have many flaws/drawbacks, but he or she must be beset with one or two qualities that everyone would love to imbibe.
    Getting irritated or losing cool are signs of aggression. It requires to be countered with love and resilience. Too good Anuj.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Loved reading your views on relationships acceptance and self-evaluation is the key to a successful alliance. Aggression helps no one.
      Thanks for your detailed views. love you



    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot bro

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