Bad Mood- Five ways to get out of it


A Bad Mood is an angry or irritable state of mind.

The mood is in an effective state. It is not specified all the time. It differs from person to person on the basis of individual temperament and personality. The mood has a shelf life and doesn’t last long enough.

A long-term mood disturbance may lead to depression.

Bad mood originates from Ego depletion. Any situation that crushes or disturbs our mental and emotional state, other than the way we think of it, leads to a bad mood.
Life ceases, and anything and everything that comes in our domain suffers the brunt of our bad mood.
The trigger may be from a major mishap to a minuscule or a trivial thing.

Several factors can lead to a loss of happiness.

* An irritable daily routine and a stupid rut.
* Presence of a negative person, whose mere looks can turn the sail.
* Absence of proper Sunshine or too many seasonal variations.
* Medical conditions like chronic pain, PMS symptoms, Diabetes and Thyroid issues.
* Inability to do or achieve anything.ETC

Who wants to be in a bad mood?

It is emotionally draining and mentally exhausting.
Mood Swings are a diurnal variation. They change so fast that everything and everyone around is topsy turvy. It becomes a personality. People start cutting corners. After all, who wants to tolerate a person who is grouchy all the time? Persistent mood swings may need medical help.
However, there can be ways to combat this nasty situation. The person may try different things to counteract the menace.

Simple endeavours can be helpful.

Five Ways I Prefer and recommend, to Come Out of a Bad Mood

Get out of the place or situation.
Sometimes a negative vibe lurks at the workplace or at home. This might not happen without a trigger factor or reason. Two persons in the same situation may react or behave differently. How about just getting out, avoiding the radiation of hazardous negativity? This can be a lightning cure to the present sullen mood. After spending some time outdoors, return home with a positive perspective. Even slight alteration in the bedrooms or premises may help. How many times have you sneaked in the other room after a usual tiff with your spouse?

Indulge in a hobby or passion

You are in a pensive mood and are on the verge of breaking every chinaware you can find. How about just going in the other room and listen to a Peppy number in full blast?

Trust me, it works wonders. A sudden surge of adrenaline and the craving to dance will melt the cynicism. Go to your garden and start pruning the greens or mow the lawn. To top things off, just go to the kitchen and make the meal of the day.

Meet a dear friend
I am friendly with a senior psychiatrist. In my worst turmoil moments, he bears the brunt. I know that he is non-judgmental and listens with patience and interest. Most of the time, I don’t look for suggestions or help; I just need to vent out. He is the best shoulder to cry on. The catch is that he justifies my mood swings and thus helps me to mellow down.

A contradiction can actually worsen the situation. It can lead to an argument.

My friend just listens and silently counsel.
Find a friend to vent your poison. This is a lifetime investment.

Do something that you haven’t done in a long time.

When did you go ALONE, and shop only for yourself?
A lady friend does sari shopping when in rough weather. She is contented, even when a few thousands have gone down the drain.

Go to the nearest mall and do some massive window shopping. Pamper yourself by trying everything you find in the apparel Store. Don’t worry if you come back empty-handed. You have released yourself from the smell and feel of the fabric.

When did you go for that long drive ALONE? When did you try the Golgappa and fish fry at the rustic kiosk by the side of the bus stand?
Sit down and think of the craziest thing you can work out.

Do something that rejuvenates your passion

Pull out the best Single Malt, that has been sitting in your cupboard for a long time. Gulp down a “Patiala” in a single go. Make another one and sip it slowly, spitting out the best abuses to your unknown benefactor.

Do the most aggressive and passionate Love Making that you have not done in ages. Don’t hitch yourself in trying something unique and unconventional. There can be several other personal preferences to pull out from the dungeons of melancholy.

The important thing is to break the cycle of negativity.
A shock treatment also helps at times.

I got a tight ‘verbal’ slap when in an ugly mood I was misbehaving with a friend. That compulsive abusive combo pulled me out of the darkness instantaneously. I felt fresh and energetic as the haywire psychic waves responded well to that shock treatment.

Don’t shy away from your moods.

Not only humans and fauna, but Flora also show mood patterns.
Good and Bad moods are like parallel lines and go with us throughout our life.

Having a bad mood shows the importance of a good mood. Imagine life with only goodies. It will be boring and monotonous.

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    Thanks for your suggestions.. Some will be sincerely practiced 👌

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot, Arti Lall. Hope things work out well….. regards.

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