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What can life be when questions dart from all sides, people and situations? Who wouldn’t want to wriggle out of such a nasty state of affairs and find solace in a no man’s land? Why do we have to question someone all the time?


CHARLES DICKENS must have had tremendous pressure on his head when he coined the phrase  — Ask no questions and hear no lies.


Do we realise that our lives are so complicated and intricate that if we try to find answers to all the questions – by the time we become Einstein, the questions will have changed?

No Lies!

Again the issue is — Why do we tell lies? Are we born liars? Do we lie to deceive people, or do we want to avoid a flurry of arguments and counter-questions? No wonder telling a lie once and getting trapped makes all your truths questionable.

It’s about giving space and understanding in any relationship while avoiding superfluous questions – “Less the questions, least the lies.”

I feel that asking questions or being nosey about other people’s actions is a lousy habit. It may be a precursor to the tendency to FOMO {the fear of missing out} or even self-created insecurities.

What do you expect from a henpecked husband who has to enumerate his daily activities with his fidgety wife? – ‘Where were you?’ — ‘Why are you late?’ – ‘What did you eat?’ – ‘Why did you talk to that lady?’ The more questions, the more lies. So, who is at fault? – the wife or the husband? Similarly, an arrogant MCP husband verbally molests his meek and docile wife when she returns home from a job or a kitty party.

Do we have the courage to put it straight across the table? – ‘Please don’t pester me with any questions on this topic because I will likely lie.’

Spouses are forced to tell neat lies to avoid any unpleasant scenarios. Hence the phrase – Ask no questions and hear no lies.’ The answers come when the questions need to be answered.

Why do people complicate the questions for answers that are unpretentious and straightforward? Quality questions lead to living in excellence. The key to triumph is asking healthier questions that have even better solutions.

There are situations when you commit a mistake and are questioned – There are situations when you don’t save an error and are still grilled. Sure enough – ‘Mistakes might not give you the answers. But they give you questions for a more surprising answer – because answers exist only to questions.’


Sainthood is when you commit a mistake and question yourself to get the correct answer for the cause.


These answers are authentic and trustworthy because they provide a truthful lesson. Find comfort in questioning yourself.

“Always answer correctly to yourself– telling a lie to a person doesn’t matter.” Most grave blunders are not being made due to incorrect answers – The scary thing is asking the wrong questions.

Ask Me No Questions!

A wife questions her husband — “Do you have an extramarital affair?”

There is tremendous dread and apprehension in the wife’s mind. What if the husband says – ‘YES’? Will she digest the truth?

If the husband says – ‘NO’, will the wife be satisfied with the answer, or will she question him again?

Both ways, there is a mental predicament – a nasty situation that leaves the wife with only stress and nothing else.

“The first step to getting an answer is daring and chivalrous and asking questions.” It is better to ask some questions and avoid some – there is no point in fishing for all the answers. You never know what the catch may be — a ferocious Piranha or a docile Halibut.

No wonder ignorance is bliss because sometimes a question can transform the course of your entire life. A competent spouse doesn’t give the correct answers if questioned repeatedly over the same issue. How about leading lives by becoming each other’s question – a question that never gets a response?

“Knowledge is, having the right answer . . . Intelligence is, asking the right question.”


Let time take its course. You don’t have to answer all questions – Time deals with it in the best possible way.

There are situations where you question yourself instead of asking other people. There is no scope for lying because your soul is the judge. Mistakes might not give you answers, but an aroused soul throws out questions expecting better answers. When we sit in silence or meditation, we journey inside our souls – we realise that all questions cannot be answered, but sure enough, some answers can be questioned. Right?

Remember that your soul loves you. It gives you more answers than it questions you. “What you seek is seeking you”, RUMI.

Don’t make your life a question mark. Your intellect knows all the answers provided you envisage doing so. Hasty decisions and speculations create the drama of insecurity and disbelief. It makes vicious cycles. The more we question, the more our doubts curse us, and we get caught in a web of nothing but floating question marks. Before creating another hell of a life, we feed ourselves a more heinous torture. Be patient until you get your answers. ‘To the questions of your life, you are the answer, and to the problems of your life, you are the solution.’

A scientist doesn’t give the correct answers –He is the one who asks the right questions and thus churns out the truth.

My favourite line . . . ‘Answer all the questions – Question all the answers.’






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  1. Hey Doc,
    though very late but I found a deeper meaning from this post. True life is not simple, we are constantly being watched and judged, which is unavoidable. Mostly we tell a lie when we are unsure if we will be understood in the right perspective.
    “Do we realise that our lives are so complicated and intricate that if we try to find answers to all the questions – by the time we become Einstien, the questions will have changed?”
    If the Questions change…..then the questioner is our inner self moving through all its phases of self –development.
    Ask right questions and you are on right track
    “From Anand,” says the Taittiriya Upnishad, “all existences are born, by Anand they remain in being and increase, to Anand they depart.”
    In this conception of underlying delight of existence of which all outward or surface sensations are positive , negative or infinitely deep, we arrive at the true solution of the problem we are examining…. tell lies or truth, its meaningless.

    Really there cant be anything absolutely true , it will change from frame to frame.
    Regards RG

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