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I wonder if there is something in this world that completely lacks any defects or flaws—to say Picture-Perfect. Any person, place, situation, relationship, Flora and Fauna, for that matter, even God Himself – Are They Picture-Perfect? Is Love picture-perfect? Why do we expect a relationship to be picture-perfect?

 Don’t we all look for picture-perfect lives? Our expectations lead to depression because there is nothing like picture-perfect.

“Maine Chand Sitaron Ki Tamanna Ki thi – Mujhko Raaton Ki Syahi Kay Siva Kuch Na Mila…” This famous melody speaks volumes about the Expectations and the ensuing void and farce Results.

God created the universe with perfection but faltered while creating the Humans. He gave them the emotion of JEALOUSY. Today the entire humanity is suffering physical, mental, emotional and financial anguish and predicaments due to prejudice and jealousy for each other. – “Uski Sari Meri Sari Se Safed Kyon?”


So, when Life is not perfect, it is clever to find perfection in small things and envision perfect moments, which may be short-lived or fragile.

Start looking for a ‘Happy Life’ instead of pulling your scalp for a ‘Perfect Life’.

Trust me, the person who claims to be perfect isn’t real. And if he has an honest and transparent heart, then he’s not perfect. Honesty is not about accepting yourself as perfect, but it’s about accepting one’s concealed flaws.

We were born to be GENUINE – not IDEAL.

I am not a perfect person. I honestly accept that I have a Temper, Anger and Jealousy. But I am a bouquet of Love and affection that comes as a package. Don’t expect me to be a box of sweets. I may have a bitter flavour if rubbed on the wrong side. I have accepted that Life is messy and relationships are complex. The outcomes are uncertain because of irrationalities in people’s behaviour and situations.

“I am not perfect – but I am not fake either.”

Aren’t we all like that? While looking for meaningful relationships, why don’t we accept people as a package? We want only the goodies to be served. We hate people for their malice and prejudice. Life will be easier and relationships will be pleasing if we accept that no one is perfect.

Life doesn’t always give us what we want. It plays funny games. I am learning to be happy, not that I have achieved perfection but I am a scholar to look beyond imperfections. I try to make my life count and make it memorable. I don’t give anyone a chance to snip my joy.

We wait our entire lives for the perfect moments to happen. The moments happen, but we fail to realize it because we are in a state of confusion as we keep waiting for even better things to happen. The life-long wait continues.

Tell me, would you rather live one perfect day over and over or live your life with no perfect days but just decent ones?

A similar thing happens when looking for Mr Perfect or Ms Right in a meaningful alliance. You will find your perfect partner when you appreciate that there is no such thing. You feel alive when things and relationships are happening around you – good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Unhappiness and depression come when people feel that they have to live up to perfect in a relationship. It leads to more anguish and emotional sorrow.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” That person is perfect or nearing perfection, who stands upright during the nastiest and most stressful times. Such a person exudes positivity and conveys assurance to the beneficiary. Emotional stability is his anchor, and perseverance is his armour. “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

Transformation is a process that leads toward perfection. When you feel oppressed, emotionally crushed and engulfed in never-ending darkness – trust yourself and transform. You fall– you rise, you make mistakes– you learn, you get hurt – you are devout. You may not be perfect. . . but you are living—be thankful for that.

Our problems are nothing but filth and garbage stuck between the channels of our Minds and Matter. If we don’t mind – It doesn’t matter. Remember, God has a perfect plan and purpose for our lives.

People seek perfection in Love. They say that LOVE is blind. Is it blind? NO! – Love has its eyes open – wide open.

Love is all-seeing and accepting—working around the faults and blemishes by accepting them – identifying the worries and working to comfort each other – working through the agony and challenges with affirmation.

INFATUATION is blind and fragile. It cannot stand the jolts and atrocities of the time. It shatters when Life is not perfect.

SIX ways to add an upbeat flavour and create perfection in your Life.

*Learn to let go.

*Learn to ignore things that you don’t like.

*Learn to be patient – give yourself time.

*Learn to be content – no comparison.

*Learn to stay calm and relaxed – no matter what.

*Learn to SMILE – “Aaaa..l is well.”


The most significant dent that we put into the lorry of our lives is worrying about — “What will the people say?”. The irony is that,

* At 20 – We care what everyone thinks.

*At 40 – We stop caring for what everyone says.

*At 60 – We realize no one was ever thinking about us in the first place.

Don’t get jealous or confused by seeing a broad smile on your friend’s face — he is also fighting for perfection in his Life. A smile doesn’t always represent a perfect life.

A smile can be a humble response to jubilation that is, how nicely the imperfection has been conquered.

Having said everything, the ultimate truth is the individual’s perception of being happy and understanding of a perfect life. Perfection is in our thought process and how we deal with the imperfections in our lives. Life goes on, and so does the permutation of happiness and remorse. We must heal ourselves by looking beyond the precipice of self-created flaws and glitches.

The rule of thumb is –








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