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We are less than even the tiniest atom vis-à-vis the vast expanse of the universe — ‘Like a drop in the ocean’. So, should we accept being a non-entity and admit our existence as disgraceful? OR, we should inflate our self-esteem and welcome the fact that ‘we store an ocean within us – in a tiny drop.’

As a five-year-old kid, I was astonished and emotionally astounded when my brother showed me a glistening water drop on the leaf of the Nasturtium plant. It was like a pearl or a diamond with thousands of kaleidoscopic facets. A drop with distinctive vigour, showing its influence on the world.

Each drop of water beholds a story. The lucky drop exhibited its sheen for a while on the precipice of the leaf before waning into oblivion. It chose the leaf as its final abode while tumbling from the dark hovering clouds. Wish someone could ask, and the drop could utter a few syllables about its loneliness.

It’s the choice of the drop between appreciating its power or its naivety. It can vanish in a moment without a trace OR can make a ripple in the water.

‘Be the drop that freely falls and becomes one with the water. The created ripples might not be perceived right away, but water will allow you to feel how love comes back to you again and again.’

KAHLIL GIBRAN has rightly quoted, “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans.”

Many times we question ourselves, is our life worth something? Have we contributed something to the world? Can we fashion an impression in the face of humanity? We force ourselves to believe that our influence is meagre and meaningfully skimpy – just like a drop in the ocean. BUT good work accomplished little by little becomes worth a great deal. The truth is that the sea would be less of a missing drop.

The drop-by-drop leak in the washroom tap can fill the bucket overnight. It’s the energised conglomeration of the drops that make the difference. Trillions of such drops style the oceans and make them calm OR force upon a devastating Tsunami, depending on their moods. Every person has to rub himself positively and pat himself on the back for the meaningful contribution he can make to everything and everyone around him.

“Akele Main Kya Kar Sakta Hoon?” . . . This attitude has to take a back seat in life. Even a labourer, breaking stones on the roadside, contributes to that yard of the road built by his toil and sweat.

‘Who says that there can’t be a hole in the sky? – Throw a stone and see.’

The incredible Canyons were fashioned not by chisel and hammer but made over millions of years by the toil, power and persistence of crazy winds and water drops.

If a drop of water could narrate or write its history, it could explain the universe to us. Ask a small Finch, a tiny ant or a man lost in the desert about the importance of a drop of water.

A famous couplet narrates the importance of a drop – if it falls on the Banana leaf, it makes camphor – if it falls into a sea shell, it makes a pearl – if it falls in the mouth of a snake, it becomes a drop of poison.

We need to choose the best place to shine – Do we want to fall into a lake and get lost? We want to fall on the lotus leaf and sparkle.


You ask me – I want to become an ocean by capturing its exquisiteness, mysticism, wildness, liberty, depth and solemnness in the drop that I am.








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    Superb write up. Inspired.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot bhai.

  2. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog “A drop in the ocean, or an ocean in a drop? What are we? is an interesting truth. Existence of human being is akin to a miniscule creature in the Universe.Nevertheless, adorns a significant importance in its own way.One needs to carve out a niche instead of show casing as a commoner. One should be a path finder rather than to be a follower.Mohammad Iqbal sher aptly fit in here.खुदी को कर बुलंद इतना कि हर तक़दीर से पहले खुदा बन्दे
    से गर पूछे, बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है। A level has to be raised so that we are not like a drop in the ocean but like an ocean in a drop..Too good Dr Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot, Ashok bhai, for the inspiring couplet. This topic was suggested to me by my daughter, Aditi, during our mind-blowing talking sessions. I loved the essence of the title. The truth is that we should envisage an ocean in us.

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